Ten years from today

February 20 2010

Imagine or visualise yourself ten years from today. Don’t rush your answers and don’t put down the first thing that comes into your head. Really try to imagine yourself ten years down the track.

What is the date (ten years from now)?
February 20 2020.

What’s my address?
Somewhere in world (may be India).

My age?
39 (gahhh).

Business/Freelance writer.

What’s my income?
Enough to support my lifestyle!

Write a sentence or two describing the family.
A wife, one boy and a girl! (I know, how boring, right?)

Describe my social life.
Meeting my ex-schoolmates and ex-university mates once a year. Mostly hanging out with family.

What have I achieved in the area of my mental life?
Learnt enough to converse adequately with natives.

What’s happened in my spiritual life over ten years?
Nothing. I’m an atheistic.

Describe my greatest achievement over the past ten years.
(Oh man I just realised I answered this wrongly – I said I am busy. Oh well.) This is my least favourite question – I don’t think anything I will achieve in the next ten years will be the ‘greatest’. If there is, it would probably be having my own family, but how common is that! So… lousy question for me, yeah.

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