Depression: illness vs disability

October 13th, 2008

I started thinking about what depression really is ! The other day,
When I was at the shops. Pretty much everyone’s heard that
Old gag, that disabled people get the best parking spots.
(I apologise if I offend.) Anyhow, I started thinking about
Disability and depression. What makes depression an illness
And not a disability? Can it become a disability? And if so, how
Do I get an ACCORD sticker??(Yes,I know I'm going to burn in hell)
I suppose the main difference (which is not actually contained in
The above definitions) is that an illness is considered to be
Temporary, whereas a disability is permanent. So while some
People suffer all their lives from depression, the majority either
Recover fully or have significant periods of remission. People who
Have had their legs amputated, however, are n’t known for
Suddenly growing them back. Therefore not only do you have to
Be permanently ill for it to be considered a disability as such, but
There must be no precedent set of general recovery from your
Illness (or disability, I guess).
However, I have to say that, along with pneumonia (which I had
For last three months), depression is the most disabling condition
I’ve ever suffered from. Whether or not it’s permanent in my case,
I have no way of telling. But it’s certainly something which has
Acted as a defining period of my life, in much the same was as
Moving out of home, getting my first professional business, and
Meeting ANIPRA were defining events. It’s also something which
Has shed personal understanding on my whole life, both backward
Before the depression hit, and forward in terms of how I view future
Life choices. I can’t cope with life for myself when I’m not well-how
On earth would I be a human as well?
Anyhow, I think this post is a lot of rambling crap, but it’s been on
My mind lately, together with my prognosis. I’d love to know what
The future holds…. or maybe not.

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