October 17th, 2008

The bad news is, I’m physically sick & mentally sick (well, no
Worse than usual, anyhow). As I sit here, alternately shivering
And sweating, I’ve been thinking about illness generally.If i
Get sick, go to bed, and complain loudly. Guess how I’ve spent
My day so far? Actually, it was funny at the chemist’s. I got my
Scripts for the pills and tonics filled, then asked for some extras
Cold and flu tablets,& iron tablets. The total came to over350rs.
I choked slightly at this, and the girl serving me said
Sympathetically, ‘It added up quickly didn’t it?!’ I nodded, and
Said, ‘Well, it’s worth it…. without the drugs I’d be suicidal’.
The poor girl’s eyes widened and she said confusedly, ‘Oh….’
I keep forgetting that mental illness isn’t something people
Generally joke about. Whoops. I must have been standing behind
The door when social awareness was handed out.

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