From roja to sakkarakatti and beyond…

October 30th, 2008

This superbly constructed montage has ARR’s face super imposed on the CD covers of all his movies. This montage was presented to AR Rahman during the Bangalore show by his fans. The image says it’s been created by ARR dB but the site seems to be under cosntruction.
Trivias about the collage
- They presented a 3′ X 2.5′ poster of this montage
- It has all of ARR’s 94
- Originals/Remade/Reused albums
- It was designed by vinit
- ARR liked this gift from his fans, has agreed to keep this in his studio & tell people about it.
- The fans had taken 40 prints of this montage
- postcard sized , he signed in all 40 of them.
BTW, try to spot Kizhakku Cheemayiley out there. Can you ?

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