Ernesto Che Guevara - My Hero

October 21st, 2008

We are More Free Because We are More Fulfilled

The last letter of CHE GUEVARA
Allow me to attempt to come to some conclusions:
We socialists are more free because we are more fulfilled; we are
more fulfilled because we are more free. The skeleton of our
complete freedom is formed, but it lacks the protein substance
and the draperies, we will create them. Our freedom and its daily
sustenance are the colour of blood and swollen with sacrifice.
Our sacrifice is a conscious one; it is in payment for the freedom
we are building. The road is long and in part unknown; we are
aware of our limitations. We will make the 21st century man;
we ourselves. We will be tempered in daily actions, creating a
new human being with a new technology.The personality plays
the role of mobilisation and leadership in so far as it incarnates
the highest virtues and aspirations of the people and does not
become detoured. The road is opened up by the vanguard group,
the best among the good, the Party. the basic raw material of our
work is the youth: in it we place our hopes and we are preparing
it to take the banner from our hands. If this faltering letter has
made some things clear, it will have fulfilled my purpose in sending it.
Accept our ritual greetings, as a handshake or an "Ave María

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