Selfishness and Forgiveness

October 1st, 2008

What I'm planning is selfish. I know that. But I keep thinking of a
Line of poetry - "life can be confirmed even in suicide". I have lived
A life that is long enough. I have experienced many things, and been
To many places. There is nothing left that I want to do, except
genuinely love someone, And my history has made that as an impossibility.
I am twenty eight years old. I have been struggling with my mind
Since from the last month. I sorted out the eating problems.
I don't self-harm. I have prayed , I have believed,
I have fought, and fought, and fought again & again.
I am tired. I no longer have the faith that once I had. I just want peace.

I have six people I count they are my life, and I wish I could avoid
Hurting them. But two of them live far away, and they all have families,
And lives I would not leave such a huge hole in. I hope that eventually
They would forgive me, even if they didn't fully understand.

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