My Problems and Every One's Answer

January 31 2010

“how do you expect to get better if you dont even TRY?“ – “friend”
“I hate life too and I don’t wanna wake up in the morning” – mother
“It’s your fault” – father
“I don’t know what to say” – many people
“lazy!” – “friend”
“do you go to temple?” – physician psychotherapist
“stop complaining”
“you’re so negative”
“there’s nothing even going on in your life!!!”
“go home and think about what can make you happy and come back in 2 weeks and tell me” – psychotherapist again..
“you need to eat better and exercise and you won’t be so tired” -“friend”
“eww you sleep so much” -“friend”
“I know how you feel…explains ther problems to make me think their life is worse so I should be happy
“you dont even have it THAT bad I don’t see why you’re depressed”
“pray and things will get better!!”- “dad”


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