Better Alone

July 24 2010

(I write this poetry when I was alone in Elliot's Beach, Chennai)

A Pollachi butterfly
That’s how,
You remember me.
It was all a lie
And the people,
In my surroundings
Used to laugh,
At my jokes
But now they only laugh at me…..

When I don’t feel right
Hello! when I need to talk
Don’t, call me
On the telephone
Cause I’ll call you
When I want

Used to chat
For hours
When I still could
Forget that
Every time I speak
These days
Its hard to hear
Because it’s muted
From the voice that’s in my mouth

I want to be alone
Just want to be alone
Because it’s easier
So easy… be…….me


Asuka said...

Heavy one,sad,angry,Good one!
Peace Pepsi

Jhon said...

A fucking MEN! quite amazing. I also love the choice of photography. This poem reflects how i feel right now

Arthi said...

So sad but from the heart. Keep writing and let your light shine