The Forgotten Heart...

July 2 2010

I am not good in writing poetries but I tried some what....

Happiness lays wasted,

Times now dead and gone,

Sadness consuming now,

Innocence taken,

No choices,

Yourself once hated,

A life now void of meaning.

Clutched in sorrow, no way out,

Judgment not clouded,

I’m Free

A lifeless body on looked by faces

All my memories erased

Fly on broken wings,

A lucid dream,

A mind no longer by a disease of pain

A permanent ending, lasting eternity

Never selfish, loved all, lay waste to vanity,

Another statistic, a suicide, always remembered.

Carved in my wrists, the solution finally exists,

Drowned in eternity, a broken heart

Never heals, Pain never erased

Take your wings, now broken,

Because its a forgotten heart......


Arthi said...

Romba overa scene podathe....

Asuka said...

Really nice... Keep writing....