What happened to you ? (A*****)

July 20 2010

I don’t believe that anyone was born with distrust, anger, paranoia or even fear. We were not born with anxiety, bad attitudes or prejudice. We’ve all acquired these things along the way. They are born of pain we have suffered. Pain that we have not sufficiently come to terms with. Pain that we still feel. Pain that we are so desperate to alleviate that we can lash out at any time.

Yikes! Sounds rather dark and scary doesn’t it?

To some extent I think it’s actually true for everyone. While there are varying degrees of pain and suffering that we hold onto, still (and only you know this) there are things we struggle to let go and struggle to forget.

Writing them out can help. Empathy and understanding from others helps. Keeping them locked in has not helped anyone.

So let go of it and tell me.

What has happened to you?


Sruthi said...

she is already dead forget her! crazy idiot

Arthi said...

well said sruthi

Pooja said...

what kind of human you are? caring for a coward?