I am back with quotes from famous people

July 16 2010

“The Bomb? Well actually my wife gets most of the credit for that one. I was developing the first microwave oven and she tried to cook eggs with an iron skillet.. ” – Robert Oppenheimer

“It was just a joke really. I was trying to explain mathematically why relatives are so annoying so I started with the idea that Einsteins = Miserable Company squared. It’s amazing what the scientific community are willing to take and run with.” – Albert Einstein

“Well it should be pretty clear to everyone now what a great actor I am. Most of the characters I’ve portrayed are really nice people.” – Mel Gibson

I admit that my claims of hearing God’s words were just a tactic to get people to donate, but then one day, I woke up and he really did speak to me in a loud voice. He told me quite clearly to “Shut the Fuck Up”. – Jerry Falwell

“Ha ha ha..yeah, I was pissed.” – God

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Sruthi said...

i thought you scold me..