Some times... Meme 9teen

July 12 2010

Sometimes I just need: A hug .
Sometimes I want: To wake and know someone really does love me besides my parents.
Sometimes I like to: know what is going on in my head.
Sometimes all it takes: Is a little too much vodka and before you know it someone have got you again!!
Sometimes I picture: What you all look like funny.
Sometimes I wish: I had one chance.
Sometimes I find: no one cares for me at most inconvenient times.
Sometimes I take: great joy in learning new things.
Sometimes I look: like a lazy idiot.
Sometimes I hate: myself for having a heart.
Sometimes it’s nice: to be told you are loved.
Sometimes it hurts: to be alive.
Sometimes it makes me happy: to see my parents laughing especially when they are alone.
Sometimes it’s sad: to eat dinner alone at night, but then you only have to please yourself as to what you cook or don't.
Sometimes I listen: to AR Rahman at night to help me sleep.
Sometimes I sleep: with my arms and legs wrapped around my pillow.
Sometimes I like to watch: how people act around each other especially in town or at the traffic lights.
Sometimes I feel: all it takes is a smile and good manners, they are free.
Sometimes I rant: when my bro guru asks me something.
Sometimes I never: let my nails grow.
Sometimes I really: wish she could see and feel what I see and feel....


Pooja said...

Some times I like to slap you idiot

Asuka said...

Nice meme after along time. I ll tag myself...