Non issues

July 25 2010

When I’m at my worst – which is almost every moment of every day in the past few weeks, especially the last one, my head fills with pain and unsolvable problems of all kinds that knock me around in every direction. However when I have a couple of euthymic minutes or hours, I realize all the stuff that tortured me were mostly non-issues. Is it even worth it then, to go through these problems, to talk about them, to discuss them internally? Probably not.
Sometimes, I leave myself little notes when I’m healthier, that it will pass, that it’s the illness, not me, that I’m not stupid, that I’m loved, etc, but there seems to be a major problem of communication.


Asuka said...

Not sure what to say other than I tend to think it’s best to think of both aspects as part of oneself, the ‘disturbed’ self being the part that is maybe communicating what is ‘broken’ and needs ‘fixing’, or at least being gentle on.The problem with depression is that it’s so all-encompassing, it’s difficult to recall the times when you feel happier with yourself which is why it can be helpful to have the reminders.
I guess this is fairly obvious and not particularly helpful!

Sruthi said...