I love myself...

July 3 2010

If there is 100 people in the room and if suddenly a dragon came,it will choose only me to kill.Only I will be unlucky among all. This happens every times. I build my house with hopes,and it get broken every time.

Why i am so unlucky?
Why i have to face all bad things every time??
What is my fault???

I am a general person with some general dream and wish in my life. Then why you choose me to destroy. I just want to ask this question to the god,when I will be there. I have no support. When everyone needs me,they come with there sweet words and use me and then leave me. I hate those people,unfortunately they are all around me. No one to care about me. I am the one in this world who born with bad luck and unsuccessful. I am very positive and hardworking person I don't want to die. Thats why I still can’t cut my nerves, I cut my hands,but just can’t kill myself. Cause I love my self. I deserve a good peaceful life. I don't know,how many days I will survive. I heard that god helps those people who tries.But I think he changed the rule for me. I just lost interest of everything in this world.I dont want to born again in this hell world.

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Arthi said...

Hey you Porki!

Life is all about experiences. Don’t go before you’ve done some awesome things. Write a poem. Draw a cat. Rob a bank. Or even better, rob a toy-store. Have a drink with some one u like. Apply for a job you don’t qualify for and can’t possibly get. Just lie, lie, lie. That should be fun. Of course, you should try something that excites YOU, rather than what I’ve suggested…