The All About Me Meme 2wenty o1e

August 9 2010

My favorite age -- 15. It felt very attractive, very teeny.

My best friend(s) -- People who comments regularly in this blog Sruthi, Pooja, Adarsh and Arthi.

My celebrity crush -- Male -- Rajini Kanth, Female -- Aishwarya Rai

My defining characteristic -- I'm very verbal

My most evil moment -- 13 days in prison.

My favorite food -- Gee roast, Pongal, Rice with chicken, and Pizza with liquid cheezzzz

My grossest injury -- Bike accident when I was 13 C'mon, who really wants to hear about 'em?

My biggest hatred -- Adults who CHOOSE to be uninformed voters. The government is everyone's responsibility.

My most illegal activity -- I'm really very dull in this area. I can't think of a one.

My need for justice -- To the victims of Genocide.

My most knowledgeable field -- Computer, Medicine and maybe movie trivia.

My life’s goal --Make Google Valet Store no1 in computer accessories.

My mother’s influence -- To be Love and Honest.

My nerdiest point -- I love the database/demographic aspect of advertising. Really.

My oldest memory -- Trying to jump from the school compound wall when I was in ukg. It's only a split second I can recall, but it's very clear.

My perfect date -- A beach walk and dinner.

My unanswered question -- Why this happen to me?

My random fact -- I am the only one who behaves oddly in my whole family I mean when I was in join family (12 people in my home). 

My stupidest decision -- To beleive Anipra as long as I did.

My favorite television show -- Coffee with Anu.

My style of underwear -- Jockey - I accept no substitutes.

My favorite vegetable -- Broccoli and potato.

My weakest trait -- My temper can make me impulsive.

My X-men power -- I'm depressingly normal

My strongest yearning -- Love and speech.

My relaxing moment -- Music ( I am proud to be Rahmaniac)

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