The person i miss the most...

August 17 2010

Dear A***** I miss you most,

From being best lover and best friends to not having talked for 2 years… I don’t know how we reached there.

It’s all my fault in a sense. I changed my place.. maybe I shouldn't have, who knows? and it was for a stupid reason too.. but well.. what can I say, I was just a 29 year old kid.

And we started to lose contact.. whatever the reason. I just wanna remember all the things we did. We walked into each other’s homes and we had a relationship like we were our own. We didn't know what the meaning of mine or yours was, everything was ours. You were always there for me and I always tried to do the same for you. Jealousy, anger, fights never came between us… we were really a family.

And now, when I bumped into you, I realized we weren't even at least friends anymore. We've changed.. and we notice the difference because we didn't change together. I know we’ll never be that close again.

Anyway, as they say, we’ll always have lots of explanations.  This is just a dedication to our love, friendship and the fun we had..

P.S. A high five and special mention to you. We were the coolest.. you know it! I miss y'anipra.....

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Sruthi said...

ena da try to forget her da how many times we told you