Why bother?

August 5 2010

I’m so struck by how people just abandon relationships-even close ones.  It seems some people are just disposable.  I've been hurt by this over and over and I've really just given up.  Even intact relationships grow stale and empty so that none of it is worthwhile.  I  no longer want to answer any questions about how I am and what I've been doing.  Why bother?  I don’t believe anyone really cares so let’s stop with the niceties.


Asuka said...

Oh I can so relate. People can be so pretentious at times that it just sickens me. Sometimes I just want to scream at the top of my lungs “CALLING ALL AUTHENTIC PEOPLE WHERE ARE YOU!” But then I remember it’s not other people that are the problem but my response and reaction to other people. This helps me to understand my journey towards finding authentic people starts with me. By the way great post.

Pooja said...

True, I’m always open to improvement & have the self help books to prove it. I don’t believe I’m always the problem though. I’m glad you stopped to read my blog and hope you visit again!