I am a nightingale bird

August 3 2010

I was lying down on bed, trying to sleep, because when you fail at modifying the speed of rotation of the earth, the position of the sun, or your own location by means of teleporting, the only thing is to fight sleep early in night in your own home town is to keep trying.

It’s just better for my head when I’m awake during the night and asleep during the day.  I’m actually a Night person.  I just haven’t been acting like one lately.  I’m not insomniac, It happened because I was insomniac for a while though.  But thankfully that’s not the case, no, I actually sleep over 6 hours a day.  Day being the keyword.

As I looked at the ceiling the fluorescent glowing stickers in my bedroom, and the ideas kept buzzing like annoying mosquito's when I’m supposed to be sleeping, my brain kept going from flat line to finding the question to the answer to life the universe and everything.   I had such a thought , that it justified me getting out of bed and turning on the computer to type it out in my blog, only I had forgotten it by then.  Oops.

It was something about empathy, the universe, the people in my life, you know, along those lines.

But I think I should work on a brain printer first.
And, oh yeah, getting my sleep back on track. cause its 5AM....Good Morning oh oh! Good Night!Sleepy Smileys


Sruthi said...

how many times I told you done sleep at day try to change it It may affect your health da macha please da

Pooja said...

Doctor ye solitanga olunga paduthu thungu da fool

Asuka said...

Your friends are worrying about your sleep so I feel to be your friend sleep at least late nights

Sudharsan said...

"I am a nightingale bird" me too because I am in denmark so if there is night here day how is it?