Unusual in ME

August 4 2010

Very hard to wake up today.   OLEANZ+ is not particularly known for causing a lot of sedation but it’s getting bad with me.  It’s not just that it’s difficult to get out of bed because of depression it self, it’s that I can’t really wake up.  Been sleeping from 10 to 12 hours a day despite alarms and people in the house waking me.  The meds are also giving me loss of appetite… it makes me gag, the food.  And this is very unusual in me.

These effects started after I increased the dose from 5 to 10 mg, so I can still wait until my body becomes accustomed to the new dose.   My main problem with OLEANZ+ is not even the side effects, but the fact that the antidepressant effects have been… very mild, probably even absent.

I 've been through a lot of meds since last 2 years.  Every time they fail I go into the usual crisis of deep hopelessness.

So I’m afraid.


Sruthi said...

why prabhu what happens man Is some thing wrong?

Pooja said...

macha neeye elam mudivu panatha see dr macha