To my favorite teachers

August 30 2010

Seetha Ram Master (SRM High School-Pollachi)
(My 10th grade tuition teacher)
Sir, you were the best teacher I ever had.. without a doubt. I’ve always hated studying mathematics except for the year you taught it to us. In fact I still kind of like some aspects of it just because you taught it to us.. I’ve not forgotten my 10th class mathematics lessons even now..And cause of you only I met Anipra in my Life. You were the epitome of coolness to us..

Mahalakshmi Miss(AMS- Pollachi)
(My 3rd grade class and tuition teacher up to 4th grade)
What can I say mam.. you knew how to command respect without having to raise your voice. I still remember I had a bad dream about you during my holidays when I got to know that you were gonna be our class teacher in 3rd. I guess there’s nothing else to write really.

Radha Madam(NGM College-Pollachi)
(My B.Sc Ancelory 2nd year English Professor) 
We took too much liberty with you. I remember how we used to force you into teaching us English and grammar  when you were our Non-detail studies teacher. You were like a friend and a guide to us.. thank you for being there.

Antony Sir
(My B.Sc AI professor) 
Sir. I know we hated each other’s guts. You, because I didn't take my duties as head boy seriously.. and me.. But your speaking skills are beyond good. I still call you the Antony of our College..and even though we didn't like each other, I still learnt many lessons from and because of you, which have helped me in adapting to this world. So, I guess this is kind of a thank you.

Aparna Madam(PSG CT- Coimbatore)
(My MS IT project guide)
This is to you madam. You told me about presentations, Seminors, Remote Sensing....everything. I still cherish your opinion. You always believed that I can do something great.. and how can I forget all those endless discussions we had.. i guess you played a part in introducing me to the real world.. so thank you for being there.

P.S. This is an apology to all those teachers I might have forgot to mention but still had an effect on my life.. Thanks for everything…

P.P.S. This idea is cause of seeing Inidhu Inidhu movie... Then what about your favorites huh?!


Sruthi said...

You were headboy!? Wow! Don’t EVER call yourself pathetic Many people had faith in you !

Shreeja said...

Yep.. galti se!....