Me, Myself & You...

August 23 2010

Me = Me.
Myself = My conscience/alter ego/whatever. I talk to myself.
Mr. X = You are asking me.
Mr. X – So then, what you aiming for, Google OS?
Me – Yeah, pretty much.
Myself – Um, do you really believe you can clear the Google OS? Because I don’t.
Me – Um, are you telling me that you don’t believe in yourself?
Myself – When did I say that? I don’t believe in YOU.
Me – But you can’t believe in yourself and not believe in me!
Myself – Why can’t I? Huh?
Me – Dude, because you ARE me!
Myself – Says who?
Me – Says I!
Myself - But I don’t even believe in you!
Me – You don’t believe IN me. But you have to believe me!
Myself – Says who?
Me – Says I!
Myself – But you are not me.
Me – Yes, I am.
Myself – No, you aren't. I am a figment of your imagination, not you.
Me – A figment of MY imagination. MY = Me. You do and say what I make you say. Get it?
Myself – Nevermind, you won’t understand. You’re just thick.
Me – And you are smarter than me, huh?
Myself – Of course I am!
Me – No you aren’t. Your words are my thoughts, we’re at the same intellectual level.
Myself – Says who?
Me – Says I!
Mr. X –  Are you crazy?
Me – Huh?
Myself – Never mind.

Just another day at the office for a loser. :)

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