Ten Things

August 22 2010

Well, I was reading a blog, and a post had been done by this person, about ten things she’s passionate about, and I thought that was really cool, so here goes my post:

Ten things I am passionate about

Okay let’s see;

1) Movies: Yes, Movies are my biggest passion right now. I like watching new movies everyday, but sadly my internet connection is slow and it takes me about 4 hours to download one. I currently have a “to download” list of about 60 movies. I am so passionate about movies, that I wanna be a sound engineer and work at least only one day with AR.Rahman.

2) Psychology: I like to understand how people’s minds work. I like to know why someone did something, and what inspired him to do so. I like to understand human nature, and keep reading graduation course books of psychology. And I’m not blowing my trumpets, but I’m really good.

3) Science: I like Biology and Physics, because I like to know the mysterious ways in which nature works. I have always liked human biology, because I wanna know how my body works and reacts. It’s kind of related to my psychology passion. Physics, is total bliss. Einstein is my idol and I love studying quantum mechanics and the string theory.

4) Day Dreaming: I day dream a lot, and I mean a lot. I spend more time day dreaming than I spend working. I dream about my life, and how I would like certain things in my life to be. I often react to things like…”I wouldn’t have done it like this, when I have kids, I’ll do it like that.”

5) Writing: Yes, I like writing, I despise that. But I squeeze out story ideas out of every situation or every tv show I watch, and I have a notepad file full of these ideas. I imagine real characters, so that I understand them. And until, I finish a novel, this blog is my let out.

6) Lost: My ever loving Anipra. I believe she got married and she's in Coimbatore but honestly I couldn't be for sure. Was one of the hardest "breakups" in my life. I think I have ever experienced. I still think of her...and wonder how she's doing.

7) Money: I never love money and the feeling that comes from having a lot of humans not money. I never want to be a multi billionaire, by hook or by crook. Hell, I hate this, ok ok! I’m kidding, but I do want to be rich to all of my family members and friends so that they can pay off their bills and mortgages.

8) Help: My purpose is to serve others, to love others. I can do that. I will not seek help from others, for I’m a man. I don’t need help. I need to help others. That’s what I’m here for. I’m not some ignorant brat who’s constantly happy and has a “life” and hangs out with others. I am meant for other works. Satisfaction is not to be felt, but rather to be known and understood.

9) Changing the world: Yes, I’ve always wanted to change the world. In fact, when I used to learn or hear about some important personality, I would immediately think, “When did he die? Maybe I’m his incarnation!”, And this has come with almost all personalities I’ve known about. I try to find similar traits between us and try to connect with him. But, even if I’m not an incarnation of a famous person, I’d like to make a difference in the human world and be famous now.

10)  Life: Life's about learning the rules and playing it's complex strategy game. We learn strategies from others, or create our own. Carefully plotting our pieces - or taking wild risks. Each movement coming with consequences, points are lost - points are gained. Sometimes it's beginners luck, and sometimes we learn the hard way. Every round lost is another reason to keep playing. But to become a teacher of life is to learn as much from the pupil as they are learn from you. Even if we are to teach, we will always be the pupil.

Also, this isn’t my passion, but I’d like to remove the division of man into religious and skin color based groups. Every person is different and unique and his ideals and thoughts must not be trampled in the name of religion or that if they belong to the same color,” they must have a similar opinion” kind of thing, and also abolish reservation, cuz it just hurts unity.

Hey, tell me about your passions in the comments, if you’d like……


Pooja said...

I think you are turning in to positive season! keep goin....

Priya said...

simply superb da macha

Sakthi said...

really thoughtful