Just things

August 6 2010

I ll give you my own "Things":

Things I don’t know yet (except, of course, when I do)
If I will have a close relationship how ll carry till my end.
If we'll stay in Tamil Nadu, or move out of state or country.
If I'll go back to Pollachi what should I do first.
What the topic of my first book will be.
If I ll meet Anipra again what ll be my first word.

Things I'm learning
How to slow down.
How to let go.
How to be an awesome human.
How lucky I am to have such a great family & friends.

Things I'm wishing for
Eternal happiness for my family
More time to myself
Big hair to be back in style
A white ambassador car
All women to love their first love till end, unconditionally.( Wow, wouldn't that be awesome?)

Things that are getting on my nerves
My dad's phase of getting up before the sun. Coming in my room at 4:30 am to scold me for not sleeping yet.
My past wounds in my life always making me annoyed and depressed.
In my life The sun is still sleeping!.

Things that scare me
Acrophobia (seriously).
Car accidents.

Things that are making me happy
Music (mostly I am Rahmaniac)
My past relationships. As unpleasant as some of it was, I'm so happy it all happened.
Getting to know myself.
Exercising for health.
My SARAVANAN Anna. I never knew how happy I could be having simplicity.
New friends. And watching my old friends grow up.
Seeing children's.
Getting to know myself.
My Brother's & Krithi's fierce attachment to me.


Sruthi said...

U r A Kind Hearted Fellow Man

Pooja said...

Wow No words!