August 26 2010

Sometimes it’s difficult to trust people, and sometimes rightly so. However, I would hate to see a change in people here due to being scared to trust, there are many people here that are completely trustworthy and worth taking the risk to confide to. Bad things happen in life but lets not allow a minor few things ruin our trust completely. Still you have time to do! will you?


Arthi said...

I’m done with trusting anyone anymore. My whole life people have let me down even tho I have never let them down. People are just bastards.

Pooja said...

I don’t blame anyone for not trusting others. The world is a cruel place and it’s not easy to build it up. It can take one small thing to completely destroy that trust. I try to give people a chance. More often than not, I usually end up getting hurt. However, I agree with you denny, we should still keep our trust in others open in case that every once in a while you meet that one person that is unlike the others.