To Future Wify

August 11 2010

Dear Future Wify,

I can’t guess how we ended up being married. There are a lot of impossibilities going around here.

First you’d have to be pretty. Then I’d have to have a nerve to actually talk to you. Then you’d have to have the nerve to actually like me.. cause I know it ain't easy. Then I'd have to be ready to actually get married, cause I really don’t believe in the idea. I mean live-in is awesome.. but marriage? maybe I do get to that point some day.

So, if we went past all those issues and still ended up together, wow! Great going us!

And maybe that is arranged marriage. I mean, desperation can lead a man doing some very idiotic things, can’t it? So yeah, if we are married, please please don’t play those emotional games and try to control me.. or I’ll just commit suicide and leave you nothing.. I get depressed very easily.

So, that’s all I gotta say for now.. Love ya [hopefully ]

Your Personal Hero…


Arthi said...

ROFL! I am sure none of your readers will be your future wife!

Pooja said...

//Your personal Hero//
Haha sweet =]