The fight with my family

December 7 2010

When I was in class 9, my love for Anitha reached its romantic pinnacle. I made a pledge that I would marry no one else other than Anitha. That pledge even made me a good boy and I stopped drooling over other girls in class that even included my Maths teacher. I used to follow Anitha everyday to school. Her blue school uniform that swerved with her rhythmic walk is still fresh in my memory. She always had a மல்லிகை பூ in her hair. I can still sense the fragrance. I soon found out that she used closeup tooth paste. The very same day, I shifted my brand loyalty from Colgate to Closeup. Even this morning, I used closeup while brushing ( Yes I took a brush today).

Coming back to the topic on my love for Anitha, I soon realised that I could not lead a life without her. So I decided to convey my decision to my parents. After much thought , I decided that I would open the subject matter on a weekend. So when saturday finally came, I woke up early in the morning, brushed my teeth with closeup, took a warm water bath(of course with our traditional hamam soap(நேர்மை நா என்ன மா?) and even drew a faint black line between my nose and my upper lip with my pencil (A sign that gave me enough confidence to talk with my parents). I went to the kitchen made my own coffee and went to the couch and had a refreshing drink only to realise that I had mixed the black pepper powder instead of coffee powder. But Legends do not go down without a fight. So I drank the whole cup. I even glanced through the headlines in the newspaper ( To impress my dad, cause he always used to tell me to read english paper and keep myself updated with the developments around me). Then I went to my parents and told them that I need to talk to them. They did not bother me. But when I put a serious face and hardened my voice and repeated the sentence, they knew that I was really serious.

So the next moment we( Me, my mom and my dad) were in the bed room. I was at my personified best and this is how the conversation went.

Me:Hi paa. Without much ado, let me come to the point
Mom: Hey! your pillow is stinking.. Did you chew your finger again?
Me: Please be serious. I do not want to deviate from the topic
Dad: Ok go ahead.
Me: Look everyone! I am in love with a girl.
Mom: At such a young age? are you not ashamed?(அடி செருப்லா~~~~~)
Me: I am 15 now. I will be soon a major. ( I even kept my index finger near my nose, so that they would notice my mush and understand the fact that I am a big boy)
Mom: Who is she?
Me: My tuition mate, Anitha.
Mom: That little girl who always rings in early morning?
Me:  She loves me, so only she....
Mom: But she is from a different caste.
Me: I do not care. My love for her knows no barriers.
Dad: So what have you decided?
Me: I am going to marry her
Mom: What if we do not agree?
Me: I ll do register marriage.
Dad: In that case, you would not get your monthly pocket allowance of hundred rupees.
Me: I do not care. I just want to marry her
Mom: I will tell to your class girls that you still chew your fingers.
Me: Huh! As if I care!!!
Mom: No breakfast for you!
Me: I will eat at Anitha's house
Mom: But her father ll never allow you
Me: Grrrrrr. I told you not to talk like that
Dad: I won't buy you the TVS50 bike
Me: I will walk to school
Mom: You are not marrying her
Me: Yes! I am gonna marry her
Dad: I won't allow you to watch Tom & Jerry anymore ( I never expected this to come from my dad)
Me: But paa! You can't do this to me
Dad: Yes! no more cartoon at home.
Me: Ok! In that case I am not marrying Anitha
Mom: Good for all
But still my love for Anitha continued...

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