Agent Charan

December 20 2010

I had a very tiring day and just when I was about to hit the sack, my mobile phone started ringing.I looked at the mobile phone.It read, Prime Minister calling

I immediately knew that the matter was really serious.Yes It was the Prime Minister of the country. For those who never knew that the Prime Minister and I are very close friends, it is time that you realized that you are actually reading the blog of a very important person of this country. Let me get back to the point. I picked the call
Me: Hi Manny (Manmohan Singh -That is how I call him)
PM: Hi Pepsi boy. It is a very important matter
Me: Ok! Tell me. How can I help you
PM: The enemies have planned to attack our country. They have formulated a secret code and we need your help to decode this deadly code. Can you please save the country?
Me: Ok. Pull Anty for this call. Let us have a conference call
(Antony is the Defence Minister of the country and that is how I call him)
Ring... Ring
DM:Hello PM. It is a pleasure getting a call from you.
PM: Mr Defence Minister, This is a Conference call.We have the Most respected Pepsi, also in this call
Me: Hey Antony... 'ssup?
DM: Hi thala. It is my privilege. I was trying your number. But as usual you were busy on a call with some babe.
Me:Coming to the point , How can I save the country?
DM: The enemies have devised a code. They call it the "Purple Red or Yellow" code.We have no clue what it is all about. We need your help
Me: Go to sleep Antony and Manny. I'll take care of this
I kept the phone. My granny has adviced me to keep my telephonic conversations short and sweet.
I went to my bed and my thinking cells usually work in midnight. The moment I stepped inside my room, I had the answer to the problem. Immediately I came out of  my room, took my mobile phone and rang up my brother Sridhar Anna.
My bro has a Lovely Kid, Charan "2". I knew very well that this kid is the best in the business when it comes to code breaking. Charan has broken 24 toys so far and he is an expert in breaking the rules at home.

I told the matter to Charan and he said,"Do not worry, Uncle...I would break the Purple Red or Yellow code and save our country". I kept the phone and slept in peace.This little kid indeed decoded the code and saved our country. He is turning 3 tomorrow .  So letus wish him a Happy happy Birthday Charan.....


Shubu said...

Awwwww.. The kid is soooo cute..
Where do you get such ideas from to write the post?!!

kalpa said...

"as usual you were busy on a call with some babe."
Oooh, Mr.VIP!!! Ha ha ha...that was so adorable! Just brilliant stuff Pepsi boy, truly! Charan is oh-so-cute! Lovely kid, was that an extempore act????

Hari said...

Now a days kids r too brilliant smart Great

Arthi said...

You are so funny. and man Prime minister and defence minister calling you up...ha ha...where is your movie video gone?

Priya said...

Nee yen cinema la chance try pannakudathu hummm?!