Care to be my roomie?

December 2 2010

That's my room. This is where I sit and type most of my blog-posts. My dresses are on the floor and one of my socks is on the ceiling fan (You couldn't see this in the picture). I am looking for a room mate (Preferably females). You can sleep on my bed. You can also use the television. But please stay away from my computer and my music stuff. I also promise to cook food for my new room-mate (females are welcome to apply for this post). The new room-mate will also be taken along with me for all my trekking adventures.
Care to be my roomie?


Sruthi said...

Hehe, i'll apply if I get to computers!! :P

Pooja said...

man..:P...i wish u get the girl fast and let her work ur comp to :P..