Punishment for kasab

December 23 2010

The Kasab verdict sparked a trigger on Twitter and a hashtag #punishment for kasab became popular. Some of the tweets that caught my attention are added here.

Make him date Mayawati
Make KASAB to inflate the MRF blimp using only his mouth!!
48 hours in a locked room with nithyananda ( that is punishment for nithyananda)
Make him listen to Terror Romeo's speech (That is not a punishment. That is entertainment)
Make him watch "sura movie" hundred times.


Sruthi said...

thanks for sharing the part abt Kasab...i dont really uderstand why is our govt still fighting to hang him?? I think its high time dat we kill him...to show how we react when someone hurts our people..!1
nyways...nice post dear..!!

shreeja said...

My take on Kasab's punishment, given the present conditions,
"educate him once again"
(if he has done it once. If not, then he has to start from nursery anyway in his next birth)