December 19 2010

India is a full of small time traders who are the retailers to major chunk of the population. My family buys milk from a milk vendor,called palkaramma(meaning: milk trading woman in tamil)whose real name many even dont know, Since to everyone she is known as and only as the palkaramma. Palkaramma has some cows and buffaloes with which she makes her living. We get fresh cow milk everyday delivered by the palkaramma. Yesterday she came to my house to give sweets for the birth of her grandson. My family’s dealing with these trader date back to more than 2 years. Its amazing to see that any amount of advertising and other marketing by packeted milk hasn't spoiled this relationship. This is what is the ”indianness” of retailing. Retailers in India are more than just traders,they have an emotional connect and a lifelong relationship with their customers.They are more like extended part of the family.


Arthi said...

Vyasana kelavi kuda vida matiya???

Priya said...

really touching one da!