Coffee with Married Life

December 3 2010

There is a big connection between Coffee and Married Life. The Coffee Taste, has a direct relation to the number of years the couple have journeyed together in Married life.

Scenario : Husband returns home after a tiring day at work
Hubby :Hunney, Am I troubling you by asking you to make coffee?
wifi : That's alright Darling. I know what my sweetheart likes. I'll add some decoction coffee (Brewed coffee) to the full-cream milk and let me add fine sugar and believe me you will Love it.
Married Life = Less than 6 months
Hubby : Hunney,There is not much milk in the coffee
wifi : Yes. I know. The Milk is in the refrigerator. I am tired. Please boil it and add to the coffee.
Married life = Just completed 1 year
Hubby : Hunney,Can I have some coffee?
wifi : Please wait. Let me finish this episode of FRIENDS on TV. Can you please boil the milk. I will come and add coffee to it.
Married life = 2 years
Hubby : Hunney, What is this? There is neither milk nor sugar in this coffee. Don't you know that I don't like coffee this way?
wifi : Can't you drink like this at least one day? Do I have to do all the work ?
Married life = More than 3 years
Hubby : Hunney,Why just a glass of water? Can I have some coffee?
Wifi : Do you think I own a coffee estate? Coffee powder is in the kitchen and milk is in the refrigerator. Make some for me too
Married life= More than 4 years
Hubby: Hunney,Can you please open the door? I need to come inside the house.
wifi : Wait! I am tending my crops in Farmville.
Married life= More than 5 years
Hubby : Hunney! I have brought you cappuccino coffee and brownie cookies from Starbucks
wifi : Don’t you know that I like Mocha better than Cappuccino? Now, Make me some fresh coffee
Married life= 6-10 years
Hubby : Hunney! Do you need Hot coffee or cold coffee?
Wifi : How many time should I tell you that I prefer Cold Coffee on Thursdays?
Married life= More than 10 years
Note : Did you notice that the Hubby always uses the word “Hunney” all these years?
Additional Note : Pepsi boy is still single and He doesn't drink coffee....
Latest News : Pepsi boy has been invited by his friend and his wife to their house for a cup of coffee. They are married for 5 years.......


Sruthi said...

Omg!! That's awesome and dam funny, but why does the wife always turns out to be rude???

Priya said...

yes! well written!! exacteley!!!!!!!! bow my head your feet!!!!!!!!!!

Arthi said...

the question is how do u know?

Pooja said...

iruda, I will fwd this to yur wife :) ! waitin for that day!yaru antha devadai!