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December 13 2010

School Days would be the most memorable phase in every one's life. Most of you would have passed out of school long back. But still when you read this post, you will remember those days for sure.

The fun all of us had during those days would be still fresh in our memory. The crushes on teachers, First love, class room bench fights, blackboards, stealing chalk pieces, Physical education classes, eating under the tree while crow shits on your lunch box, spraying ink on your classmate's white uniforms, assembly prayer prayer , writing nicknames of teachers on toilet walls,copying in exams, threatening your enemies not to talk with the girl you like, class tours, gangs in classes, slam books, last bench boys like me are some of the incidents that float in the top of my mind when I think about my school life.

But one incident that all of us loved the most would be the two hour class session that happen in labs. The first real exposure to team work begins in these labs. The labs are places where experiments are done. Talking about experiments, I remember a  quote by Dave Barry "What ever you do, maintain a very good rapport with lab assistants. They help you during practical exams."

Computer Labs
Computers... Computers... Computers... When I took computer science as my specialization subject in school, Computers were just making inroads into the education system. I wanted to become an IT geek. I have ended up as an Blogging creep.

"Basic" programming language was the most happening programming language then. If one could remember the DOS prompts by-heart, then he was treated as a computer genius.

The first thing that comes into my mind is playing games in the computer lab. Dave,Maria, Prince of Persia and sky roads were the major games during those days. If you know the cheat codes, you are a computer genius. The Internet images of our favorite heroins like Aish, Jflopez,  Madonaa.....was also making inroads. The corner computer in the computer lab are always used to view Internet pictures. The lab assistants also joins in for company. When girls are around, the boys seldom use the corner computer. Any boy using the corner computer, automatically became the bad boy among the girls. Switching off the computer when someone types a long program gives you the kick. Also unplugging the keyboard and mouse wires from the socket would make the user go bonkers for sometime. I don't know much about the computer labs of the present generation students.

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Sakthi said...

certainly reminded me of my school college lab sessions are mere xtensions of the school i'm gonna hav fun for sumtym nw :P

Sruthi said...

Coincidence..I have my lab exam tomorrow. :|