True Gandhi

December 8 2010

Note : Students do the darndest things. They do not even spare the Father of the nation.

Student Name : Adarsh. 
Occasion : Mock Press Competition.
Adarsh donned the role of Gandhiji . The Judges asked him, " Among the present day celebrities, who can you associate yourself with?"
Adarsh (Gandhi): I would associate myself with Amir Khan and Mallika Sherwath. All of us shed our clothes to reveal our belly buttons. I do it for our Nation. Amir does it for salman  and Mallika for Cash.
Result: Adarsh was eliminated in that round.

Student Name : Prabhu. 
Occasion: Secondary School History Examination
Teacher: Write a Note on Gandhi Jayanthi.
Prabhu(myself): Gandhi Was a Great Man, Jayanthi is a super Hot girl. Gandhi loved Jayanthi. One day he proposed to her. She said Yes. Then they got married. Their wedding day is celebrated all over the world as "Gandhi Jayanthi day".
Result : Prabhu was sent out of the class. He started this blog page and started to rant.

Student Name: Guru(my bro). 
Occasion : Art class
Guru was playing with two ten Rupee notes and suddenly the fashion designer in him, emerged out in art form.
Result : Guru is now in Chennai for his graduation in civil due to his artistic skills.


Priya said...

The first half of the post is hilarious! :) Loved the artistic work on the currency notes! :) I disapprove a lot of things that the 'Father of Nation' said and did. Each time I voice my disapproval I draw a lot of flak from the 'worshippers' who throw a 'Oh you are such an anti-social element' sort of look at me!

Shubu said...

No! gandhi pavam):

Pooja said...

yarume yen indiavulye illa illa ulagathleye gandhiku ipdi costume podanumnu ye machi thonala??????