December 28 2010

Shushma Swaraj tried the unachievable act by trying to hug MISS. Jayalalitha.(the class teacher of AIADMK students) Her attempt was unsuccessful.She could only cover 20 % of Jayalalitha's body and that itself was a record of sorts in recent times.
Miss Jayalalitha was under Mr.Pepsi's scrutiny yet again. This time, he caught the single-Virgin momma of Tamil soil red handed when she received a bunch of yellow roses from Mr.RAM-DOS. Mr. RAM DOS is the founder of DOS programming language and the speed of the computer is measured using his first name RAM.


Sruthi said...

Hey! Am i the first? coooool!
planning to enter politics in future are u?
a different post with some serious thoughts , yet in the normal....humourous style....
btw...red anywhere & everywhere is urs eh?


shreeja said...

wow...came here after a loong time..but pepsiboy still sounds fresh and the same as he earlier was..!!