Criminal Protection act

December 10 2010

For those who do not know, I would like to remind that this blog is strictly copy-right and copy-left protected under the Corporate and Criminal Protection act. This act was jointly cleared by Suresh Kalmadi and Mr.Nithyanandha(Ranjitha's fiancee). So if you wish to forward any of my posts, please provide the URL of this page.

DO NOT IGNORE THIS. Last week my friend ignored what I said and in five minutes he had a crow shit on his head. So save your heads now!! Forward this to everybody you know and enjoy the following benefits .

50+ forwards : You will no longer get caught by your parents while trying to flirt with the girl/guy.

40+ forwards : Guys, your friend's girlfriend will kiss you within the next one week. Girls, the guy you love will stop flirting with other girls.

30+ forwards : You will meet the love of your life in the next one hour. Please move out of your home and walk around your street to experience this reality in your life. Make sure that your dad's friend doesn't catch you walking around in streets.

20+ forwards : You will get married in exactly one year from today. After one year, if you are still unmarried, please forward this to 20 + friends.

10+ forwards : You will go on a dream date!! (Remember to sleep well)

1-10 forwards : Guys, you will get a chance to take a Hot Girl for a ride on your bike. Girls! Please make your younger brother to sit between you and the guy to prevent damages.

0 forwards : Guys, you will be slapped, cussed, by a girl, her mother and father and you will also be punched in your groin by a three year old kid. Girls, Your boyfriend will ditch you. Remember! No one will charge your mobile phone and give you free lifts on the bike/car.

-Pepsi boy ( The forward idea was copied from a mail forward )


Arthi said...

Hilarious Stuff!

Pooja said...

Thala sema matter , naan apadiye shock aiten. One doubt, is tht y yu take loooong time in the toilet :) sit think and write soft copy of blogs ha ha ha ha ha!