Ladies Hostel

April 16 2011

Many a times, the human mind plays hide and seek with personal spaces. Many of us always have the tendency to poke our nose into the lives of others. We would love to over hear conversations, witness street fights and also gossip about the people around us. PrabhuPepsi is one such person. He always pokes his nose and gets solid punches every time
Flashback : 23 years ago.

Prabhupepsi was in class 4th. 

There was a big commotion in the school. The Parents teachers association meeting was in full flow. Heated exchange of words was happening in the premises. The girls had raised a complaint against the boys. They had complained that some boys were frequently visiting the ladies hostel rooms shouting and making them  scare and disturbing them while study time. All the parents were staring at all the boys with scornful eyes. Some of the anger filled eyes even stared at the most Innocent Pepsiboy also. The meeting ended in a disaster and no action was taken as no one could exactly find the culprit .

The next week, some girls started hatching a plan to nab the culprit when the school bell rang and that too during our free periods. They were always in a huddle. Some of the girls even pointed their fingers at Pepsiboy and murmured something amongst themselves. Pepsiboy could not take it any longer. He started following them. The girls disappeared into their hostel rooms. Pepsiboy waited patiently outside the ladies hostel near their rooms and the girls emerged out of the room after 15 minutes. They dispersed and went in different directions.

Pepsiboy became restless, because he did not have any idea about what the girls discussed . The next day, the girls did the same thing. Pepsiboy would follow them, they would go inside their rooms and he would wait outside their rooms and after 15 minutes, they would emerge out of their rooms. This continued for one week and this irritated him. He reached a point where he could not take it any longer. He realized that the girls were plotting something against him inside the hostel. Half early exam was over and 15 days holiday came and Pepsiboy decided to sneak inside the ladies hostel to find out the plot hatched by the girls. That Saturday, Pepsiboy went to the school. No one was around. Only the watchman was standing near the gate. He allowed Pepsiboy inside the school because Pepsiboy told him that he came to spend sometime in the library to study. As soon as Pepsiboy entered the school, he went straight to the ladies hostel. To his horror he saw the following lines written on the walls of the ladies hostel room.
When he saw these three words, he almost had tears in his eyes. How could the girls do such a thing to him? He sat in the ladies hostel room for fifteen minutes, cried a lot and left the place with a heavy heart. Holidays was over and school reopens there was a big commotion in school yet again. Everyone were giving Pepsiboy dirty stares. Finally the Principal of the school approached Pepsiboy with a big cane and started thrashing him. It was a horrific scene. He fell down and saw everyone standing around him. None of them saw him with even 1% sympathy. Even his friends turned their heads away. Pepsiboy was in tears. The Principal then dragged him to the ladies hostel room and made Pepsiboy to look at the wall. As soon as Pepsiboy saw the wall, he realized his folly. Below the three words written by the girls, there was an additional line.


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