Facebook Punch

April 12 2011

Prabhupepsi is an avid facebook user and he has not more than 50 people in his friends list. He knows only 1/3rd of them personally. The rest are his Blog friends, readers and his spiritual friends.

Three days ago, a middle aged man added me on facebook. He is a spiritual leader. He added me with a preconceived thought that I would be sharing insights that relate to his thoughts. But he got irritated with me when he saw my humor posts and he did not like it. He also did not like my spiritual stand, because it conflicted with his ideologies. I never knew all this.

Last night, this middle aged man added a status message

What do you do to remove some one from facebook friends list?

When I saw his status message, I decided to help him. So I became the first to comment on his page.
He removed me from his friend list.
Yes, I am telling all my readers now, "Prabhupepsi is indeed a PAIN."

I might be in your good books. I might be in your bad books. But I really don't care a hoot. I love being myself. You ain't living my life. It is my life and I will live it my way and not Your way.

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