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April 10 2011

Some people just walk into our life and perform magic tricks with our heart. I have never experienced LOVE in the romantic sense. I have walked in this planet Earth for the past 30 years and there has been even no crushes and no infatuations and even  never had the HOTS for a few girls. But I was never ever reciprocated with love. But they say that change is the only constant thing, and that change happened in my life one month back. I first saw her 18 days back in her photo. Now as I type this post I am so glad because her words, "Prabhu, I started loving you" is still echoing in my ears. Now, even I know the feeling of being by loved by someone so sweet and special.Yes! PrabhuPepsi is hitched.

How did it happen? I asked her.
Silence followed. Our eyes spoke the language of love without seeing each other.
"Was that a serious answer"
"Yes It was. I think I have found my girl!"
"Can I make you mine?"
"You can!"
"Let me make it sound classical then. Girl;-I Love You"
"Prabhu,I love you too"
Shall I hold your hands?.
It was completely a new feeling for me. I did not want to leave her hand. I came back to my home and I rang her up
She: Yes Donkey (She calls me Donkey when she gets mushy)
Me: I am gonna blog about you.
She: I don't think you would do that.
Me: Why would you say that?
She: You always write funny stuffs in your blog. I don't think you would write something like this
Me: Everything has a new beginning. I am also adding a picture of you in my blog
She: Are you serious?
Me: Yes! The one you mail me.
She: Your readers would treat it as a joke.
Me: I don't think so.
She: Ok. Tell me when you publish it. I want to be the first one to read it.
After our call got over, I started typing this post. I even gave a information to my mom and said,"Mom! Your son has finally found a daughter-in-law for you". "Don't fool around". "Check my blog mommy". By the way, this is my REKS.

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