Venue : Adyar - Pizza Hut - Chennai.

April 11 2011

I walked inside and was waiting in the queue to order the Pizza of the day, when I noticed a group of youngsters talking something about me. I even overheard one guy telling the others, "Hey guys! That looks like Pepsiboy - the Blogger". When he uttered those words, a sense of happiness tickled my body and I went to a different world. A few questions started popping in my head
1. Will they trouble me for my autograph?
2. Will the two girls in that group go crazy and scream in high pitched voices to show their happiness in seeing me?
3. Will they take pictures with me and upload it in their facebook albums?
4. If they are working in reputed firms, would they romp me to become their brand ambassadors.

I was almost basking in the glory of my dream process when I realized that it was my turn to place the order. I started to place my order and tried to listen to the conversation of the group of people who were sitting behind me. They suddenly started speaking in hushed tones. I could not hear them. I turned around and all of them were giving me dirty stares. Are they Terror Romeo Rajendar's or Gaptun's fans? A shiver ran down my spine. I went to the corner of the room, ate the cold melt Pizza and left the place in a hurry. There are advantages of being recognized in public places and there is also a danger of getting beaten up in public places when people recognize you.

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