So what?

April 06 2011

I don't care. So what?

It's a nice feeling, to not care.

Let's face it: I can't write any more. This blog is taking too long to end. And all I can think of still is crap. So what?
I am happy, extremely happy most of the time these days and want to stay that way. I know I won't. So what?
There are days I don't feel like going out and face all humans and just don't, guiltlessly, so unlike last two years. So what?
These days sometimes I cry out of happiness, sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of hurt and sometimes for no reason at all. I cry a lot these days. So what?
Most of my 'friends & relatives' don't understand me any more. I'm everything from bitchy to intrusive to thoughtless to extremist to untrustworthy to uncaring to heartless and selfish. So what?
People fight and run away from me. I say ok. Then they fight they wanna come back. I dont feel a thing when they do. But So what?
Life is gonna sweet, real sweet real soon. So what ?

It's a nice feeling, to not care. I loved the solitude it brings; I love the love I have still around me.
I feel lucky. So what?

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