April 24 2011

Today has been a good day.
I went to work.then went and purchased a can of pringles.
I gave 2 to Sruthi, and about 10 to Adarsh.
Then I ate the rest.
Meaning I practically ate the whole can.
Like all of it.
In it's entirety.
except not the can.
Just the cheeps.
Don’t worry that’s like 560 calories. no biggie.
I guess you could say I did well.
I mean, 100% is good right? :)
Yeah I was pretty happy.
when I got home, I wanted someone to be here so I could sing and dance.
No one was home.
So I did it anyway.
I threw my hands up in the air and said “ay-oh,”
Broke some hearts,
But I never said never.
Life is glorious, is it not? :)

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