Are u a college student huh?!

April 22 2011

In college, you got to be different from the rest of the gang to be recognized. If you have a shabby beard, they would consider you as a cool chap. I never had a beard then. So i was never cool in that sense. Humor is a puller and thanks to it, I had a big number of friends.

Most girls form their gangs based on their common interests.
"Do you watch FRIENDS?". "Yes, I watch FRIENDS. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (irritating laughter). Let's be friends".
"Oh Sharuk Khan is cute". " I find him cute too. Let us be friends"

Boys on the other hand have a totally different approach.
"I am Dhoni's biggest fan". " No I am his biggest fan. You are my enemy". These enemies would join together when they see a Sreesanth fan. Unfortunately Sreesanth doesn't have any fan. So the Dhoni fans remain as enemies. Sometimes they become friends too. Guys normally don't have ego problems among them unless and until the reason for their problem is a girl.

Most of these relationships are based on common interests, likes and dislikes. The emotional involvement is barely seen in relationships these days. I am not ruling out the possibility of emotional involvements in relationships. But it is very rare. Very few friends know about the personal problems of their friends. Otherwise their topic revolve around politics, movies, music bands, aishwarya rai, cricket, Hot guys (in the case of girls) and girls [hot or cold doesn't matter] (In the case of guys).Everyone wants to be the center of attraction and to get that attention, we perform many unwanted stunts. When I reminisce on the ugly stunts that I have done in my college days to garner attention, I end up smiling.

No one would like to portray themselves as an emotional chicken in college for fear of being called as a sissy. How ever some guys use the emotional mask to attract the species of the opposite sex. Many girls fall for this trap , but they are very talented in escaping out of the trap too. The boys bite the dust 9 out of 10 times.

Every college student will talk about the following topics

Aishwarya rai, Anushka, Sachin, and Dhoni
Whether they know it or not, they have to talk about the 2G scam
They also will light candles for the Lok-Pal movement. They shout anti-corruption slogans but break all the rules in colleges and call that as their birth right.
They know about news in Japan, US of A and even in the UK, but they would not know what's happening in their neighborhood.
They cry out loud for equality for all, but they mistreat the laborers in their hostel mess.
They know all that happens in the lives of their favorite actors and actresses, but do not know anything about that one Un-cool classmate who yearns for a shoulder to cry on.
If one talks sense he is a boring idiot. If someone talks about integrity he or she is treated as a loser. If someone stands for the truth and doesn't copy in exams he or she is treated as a heretic. If you are a virgin you are looked down. Believe me! I am not talking rocket science here. I am talking about my own personal experience in my college. I have called many as sissies too, coz I considered myself to be cool because I was the F word speaking, Yo word pronouncing - sign showing Bozo.

Ragging someone was cool.
Irritating someone made you look cool too.
If you can sarcastically hurt someone, you are the Hero.
If you gossip a lot, you are the Man.
You have to enter into the personal space of others and create problems.
If you don't allow someone to enter your personal space, you are a sissy.
Relationships don't mean a thing.
Sex is just a three letter word
Love = Lust.
The Uncool sissies finish college, slowly move up in the career ladder and establish themselves as successful citizens. The Cool Heroes continue to rag, tease, gossip about others and end up no where.

Message of this post :
Be a sissy and have a good career or
Be cool and have no Real friends, with no True relationships and when you can't take it any more.
[Spot PrabhuPepsi in this photo]

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