9 things

April 26 2011

I have decided to compile a list of 9 things that I need to do in order to have a fun, exciting life.

1. Experience the most intense rainstorm I have ever been in and try to run to work in it…or try to drive the car in it…or do anything in it for that matter.

…check. (in case you’re wondering, had I jumped in the pool after running around in the rain, I would have been able to dry myself off. and my fake Adidas, which were normally a light purple color, were plum.)

2. Have your mirror fall off your wall, have half of it shatter, and leave the other half sitting in the living room.

3. Own a snuggie.

…check. (someone tried to run off with mine yesterday. his name is Siva. I call him rocky.  He’s in the army. i ran after him. i almost got him. did i mention how he’s in the army? don’t worry about it. i’m just that cool.)

4. Own a handy digi cam.

…check. (yeah that’s right. be jealous!)

5. Have the best mom in the world.

…check. (my mom made me and the asian some sweet sassy curtains for our room. and then we put up some letters and sunflowers. yeah my mom is basically the bombdotfreakingcom.)

6. Lie to your ward and tell them that you and one of the missionaries from your parents’ mission is your cousin.

…check. (Vicky and I? totally cousins. can’t you see the resemblance?)
7. Hang out/be friends with said missionary.

8. Have the most amazing and fun roommates who I can count on for anything, especially one in particular who always forgives me when I say things I don’t mean and whom I love even when his hair is a dilemma.

…check. (I love you sudarshan)

9. Own a Home.

…working progress.

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