The Clouds Leave & The Rain Falls

May 29th, 2009

Walking around life with anxiety, for me anyway, is a lot like having your head stuffed full of cotton, you feet in quick sand and every where else the thickest fog you have ever seen.

As I have progressed through therapy the symptoms of anxiety have begin to lessen, slowly, month by month. Within the past couple of weeks I have felt the clouds of anxiety fall away. I no longer felt like I was walking around in quicksand. My head was clear. The world around me came into focus and was beautiful.

I should be happy right?

Well yes, and I am happy but I’m also finding out that I’m angry, I’m upset, I’m emotional all the time. As I see what the world has to offer, I’m bitter about all the time I have lost to this incident. I cry inside at the sight of a billboard, a commercial, or a song on the radio. Simple things jog memories of time gone by.

The weirdness is lifting and raw emotions are left open for the world to see. I hope my friends and family can put up with me during this phase of my recovery because the other side of the mountain looks so amazing from here.

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