Prabakaran Shot dead

May 18th, 2009

TAMIL Tiger leader Velu-pillai Prabhakaran has been killed as he tried to flee, the Sri Lankan army said today.

They said DNA tests were being done to confirm the identity of his badly burned body.

Two of his commanders died alongside him when their vehicle was ambushed as they tried to escape government troops who had cornered them.

Earlier, at least three senior rebel leaders were killed, including Prabhakaran's eldest son, Charles Anthony, the military said.

State TV broadcast images of what it said was Charles Anthony's body and news of his father's death was sent to mobile phones across Sri Lanka by the information ministry.

There are unanswered questions & doubts on his encounter

Prabakaran was killed today ?

How was DNA results available so quickly if he shot dead today ?

Did his body was found near Nandhi kadal langoon ?

How exactly Prabakaran was killed ?

Why did a man so hunted carry an ID on him ?

Is this double, LTTE chief had many like sadam ?

How Prabakaran tried to break the army ?

Was Prabakaran died when army found him ?

Was Prabakaran killed in 2 hrs gun battle ?

Any how its a great sad day for Tamils all over in the world. Let us salute the
Brave Leader Mr. Velupillai Prabakaran

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Anonymous said...

Prabakaran was a not a great leader. He didn't carry the cyanide capsule. He was scared to death while making kids and women kill themselves. Finally the midget is dead.