Help or “Bipolar Can vs Bipolar Will”

May 12th, 2009


This is mainly for any of you who read a post after doing a search and landing here then being good enough to hit front page and read a little more. That’s right you with your hand on the mouse.

You have now read part of a bipolar recovery blog. If you read more you only get some of my story, though quite honest this blog as well all others, journals too, are self-censoring, and really you need to hear lots of stories because there is a difference between what bipolar can do and what bipolar can’t do that isn’t obvious if you just read one post.

See I have been reading Bipolar Disorder the Ultimate Guide and my “journey” * with bipolar can only be half pieced together by what the vox pop quotes relate. So what bipolar has done and will do to me, is significantly different from what it could do to anyone else.

I hope, dear readers, you are all collectively going “duh!” It feels a little self-congratulatory to be offering advice on what sites and books to read but if you trust my judgement at all go here: help this is just a page of links and a little blurb about the sites.

Thanks for reading.

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