Two Minute Review : Pasanga

May 31st, 2009

Cast: Vega, Vimal, Jeeva
Director: Pandiraj
Music: James Vasanthan

One can’t recall whether any film having a bunch of ‘children’ as the protagonists has released in the recent memory of Tamil films. Usually, the characters of children in Tamil films always speak more than their age; it has almost become a general norm in Tamil films that the children’s speeches belie their actual age.‘Pasanga’ breaks this artificial depiction and has shown the children as they are. The film is certain to rekindle in all the adults their school-day memories. ‘Pasanga’ isn’t meant only for children, it actually makes very good viewing for adults.

The story revolves around the trio of friends in Jeeva, Pakkoda and Kuttimani full of mischief and studying in a small town school. A new student, Anbukkarasu, is liked by both the fellow students and the teachers as well. Jeeva, the hitherto hero of the school, develops hatred towards Anbukkarasu. Things turn bad when the hatred spills over to their respective families.

Anbu’s Uncle and Jeeva’s sister fall in love with each other, paving way for the cessation of enmity between the families. Even the marriage doesn’t break the ice between Anbu and Jeeva. Whether or not did they become friends again is what the rest of the story is all about.

Jeeva, who played the young Jeeva in the film ‘Katradhu Tamizh’, plays the major role here and has emoted well, especially with his expressive eyes that spew hatred in a realistic manner. The boy playing Anbu too has done an excellent job. Pakkoda and Kuttimani have done their parts admirably. The director has made all the children act in a casual manner without them being camera-conscious. Vega, who appeared ultra-glamourously in ‘Saroja’, appears in homely costumes and has put in a good performance. Vimal, Vega’s lover has a boy-next-door look and emotes aptly.

The first half is full of the typical mischievous dramas indulged in by over-enthusiastic school students. The subtle humour that runs throughout the entire length of the film ensures that the viewers don’t get bored. Only when the school boy feels for his inability to take part in the cycle race for want of a cycle does his father think about his own life in a serious manner. The story writer has brought out to the fore in an excellent manner how the ‘differences’ between parents play major roles in the growth and the overall development of their own children.

Dr. Balamuralikrishna’s song in the music of James Vasanthan leaves you asking for more. The picturisation only adds to the mood of the song. Cinematography and editing are quite good.

Debutant director Pandiraj deserves kudos for not compromising with the screenplay and dishing out an enjoyable fare.

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