A Sinhalese speaks out against the genocide of Tamils

May 17th, 2009

Bernard Jayathilake :

Bernard just wrote to us all saying “US White House is taking a vote for Sri Lanka for ceasefire. Pls dial 001 202 456 1414 and say………… No to ceasefire in Sri Lanka. Pls stay till one answers you.”
That is right lets not have a ceasefire because….
We are only 158th on the list of worst media rights offender…we still have seven more to work on…so lets not let Human Right prevail yet.
We have been listed in the top 8 of the genocide watch list but we are not yet the first ….we need more time to get there…so lets not have a ceasefire yet.
We have chased out 1.5 million Tamils out of Sri Lanka but there is another 2 million…so ceasefire yet.
We have only killed 100,000 Tamils….we still have work to do…so no ceasefire yet.
We have made only 40,000 Tamil women widows…we need more time to finish the ones left…so no ceasefire yet.

We have empty cells in our police stations and Tamils are still roaming the streets of Colombo…so no ceasefire yet.
We haven’t put enough people in concentration camps yet.
We have vans still looking for people to disappear.
Our guns still have bullets and we need more tamils to finish it off.
We haven’t killed enough Tamils yet. And therefore no ceasefire yet.
We have rid ourselves of Lasantha, Sivaram, and host of other thorns but we still have more to finish so lets not have peace yet..
We have gotten rid of five Tamil MPs but we still have 22 …so lets not have a ceasefire.
We have managed to kill only 65 humanitarian workers in the last few years…and you and I know there are more of those where they come from…!
So lets not have ceasefire.
We still have poor sons and daughters of the south with no jobs….
We still have to eak our living by selling our sons to paedophiles…
We still have to send our women to middle east to wash and clean to put food on our tables…
And we need our people to not know all this…for that we need to have the war on…so lets not have ceasefire.
We have signed off an Hambantota, Mannar, Trinco and KKS but we still have Colombo…so no ceasefire yet,
We have begged for money from all countries but we haven’t approached Somalia yet,
Our country has one week of reserve money still….so lets not have a ceasefire yet,
Lets not have a ceasefire until every single Tamil is wiped off the face of Sri Lanka…
Lets not have a ceasefire until we have bankrupted our country…
Lets not have a ceasefire until every one in the world knows who we are for what we have done.
Let us continue with the slaughter…
Let us continue with the genocide…
Let us continue to make this world a living hell!
Because we are chosen sons and daughters of Buddha.
Let us continue…
Let us make our Gotabaya’s words a reality…
“Let our soldiers feast on Tamil women while the Tamil men’s blood drip into the ocean and make it red”.
Let us make war…Let us kill more Tamils…Let us rid the world of another race…
So please make the call to the Whitehouse and let them know that our guns won’t be silenced until the last tamil falls.
Afterall we are the followers of Buddha dhamma.
Thank you,

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