Going To The Gym

May 27th, 2009

So today marked my first day going to the gym officially. Let’s see if this can help on that Biggest Loser contest…

So the clock (well, cell phone clock) struck 5:00 this morning and started to ring and wake me up, and I stumbled up and out of bed, shambling around the room like a drunken lunatic trying to get ready and be at the gym when it opened at 6:00. After finding the bag that would actually fit everything I thought I would need into it, I set off for my first day at the gym.
The ride was pretty uneventful, time in Pollachi gave me enough of a lesson on how to move with the cars so you don’t go flying head over heels when the things come to a stop. I made it to the gym in time (it’s on the third floor of a residencial apartment about a half mile from my home), got things taken care of, and went to work trying to not lose the contest we’d set up; it was all right for a first day, I didn’t do anything to embarass myself and I managed well enough without speaking much in tamil, so I enjoyed it. After a quick shower and shave, I had my breakfast.

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