It’s Turning Into A Total Fraud

May 6th, 2009

I feel like I am a total fraud at the moment. This blog was started because of my dependence of OTC medicines(over the counter) and painkillers and it was meant to reflect what life is like living with that dependence and track my slow withdrawal from the.

Instead it has turned into a general whinging place for myself and seems to have side-tracked away from the dependency issue and back onto the self-harm, eating and paranoia issues.

I apologise for this, but what can I say? All of the above things come together with me as a package and one thing is usually worse that another at a set point in time. At the beginning of the year when I started writing it was the medicine dependency. Now, at the yearend, after withdrawing from Pentazocine , still taking OTC drugs and painkillers, self-harming and managing to drop myself back into mental health services, it seems to be all of the above.

I guess the title “Fighting The Urge” still fits, except for it’s more ‘fighting the urges’ now.

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